Monday, April 25, 2005

''Rally to Stop the Judicial Takeover''

Any day now, radical Republicans are hoping to seize absolute power to appoint Supreme Court justices who favor right-wing, corporate interests over the rest of us. To do it, Vice President Cheney and Senate Republican leader Bill Frist are threatening to use what they call the "nuclear option"—a parliamentary maneuver to overturn the 200-year-old tradition that all judges have broad support in Congress.

MoveOn PAC and our partners in the Coalition for a Fair and Independent Judiciary are organizing a massive national wave of protest to stop them, culminating with emergency rallies across the country on Wednesday, April 27, at 5 PM:
Don't Fix Judicial Selection

Federal Building
915 2nd Avenue
27 Apr 05:00 PM

Sign Up for This Event here.

We will be protesting in front of the Federal Building at 5:00.
Address: 915 2nd Avenue
Location: Seattle, WA 98101
Host: Gregg Leinweber
Status: Public"-from MoveOn PAC.

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