Saturday, June 07, 2008

It's Hillary's Day

"Clinton supporters wowed with warm reception at Obama rally" (
The crowd kept pouring into the Xcel Energy Center. All ages. All races. All backgrounds. Young Somalis chanting "O-bama!" And older, white women, bedecked in sparkling red, white and blue and holding up a sign, "Women for Obama!''

But most noticeable was the arrival of such people as Buck Humphrey, who once had headed Hillary Rodham Clinton's Minnesota campaign. And Jackie Stevenson, a DFL activist, a feminist and a Clinton-supporting superdelegate, who at the last minute had changed her mind about attending the event. And St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, who was a Clinton supporter until sometime Monday. And Rick Stafford, another Clinton superdelegate.
"Clinton Bloc Becomes the Prize for Election Day" (NY Times):
With Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s ending her campaign for the Democratic nomination, the presumptive nominees are moving to claim her followers, especially her signature bloc, the millions of women who cast primary votes for her.

Senator Barack Obama’s campaign is positioning itself as the rightful heir to these Democratic voters. Senator John McCain’s strategists are plotting to convert them, particularly older women who are skeptical of Mr. Obama’s thin résumé. Even the Democratic National Committee chairman is avidly trying to make up for accusations that he allowed sexism in the race to pass unchallenged.
"'Macho' Barack Obama to bring on the women" (Telegraph UK):
"You're going to see more women out front," said a source close to the Obama campaign. "We have a female-friendly message anyway but there'll maybe be a bit less machismo, a subtle change in the optics." He added that internal polls showed that John McCain, the Republican nominee, was "weak" among women.

Linda Douglass, a long-time television journalist, has been recruited as a senior adviser who will travel almost constantly on Mr Obama's plane, make frequent on-screen appearances and act as main spokesperson on the campaign trail.
"Invite: Saturday's event with Hillary" (Maggie
As you know, Hillary will be holding an event tomorrow in Washington D.C. to thank all of her supporters, to express her support for Senator Obama, and to talk about the issues that have been at the core of her public service, the issues she will continue fighting for.

Hillary wanted to make sure her online supporters were a part of this special event, just as you have been a part of her campaign from the very beginning. So, we will be streaming it live over the website at

We invite you to visit our website tomorrow, Saturday June 7, at 12 p.m. EDT (9 a.m. PDT) to watch Hillary speak live.
"Obama’s Weekend Off" (Mark Halperin-The Page):
Washington Times: The presumptive Democratic nominee plans to “hop on a bike for some exercise around Chicago, take his wife, Michelle, out to dinner and help his daughters host a slumber party.”

He also told reporters earlier this week: “At some point this weekend I will have the opportunity to reflect on the journey we’ve traveled and I think that will help me chart a course for where we’re going to go over the next five months.”

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