Monday, June 29, 2009

Obama, Health Care and the DiFi Factor (excerpts)

"Time for Iron Man"--E.J. Dionne Jr.on Obama
Obama's lobbying helped to save climate change legislation, and he now needs to weigh in more forcefully on health care. He should toughen Baucus's negotiating strategy, and he'll have to mediate among liberals. He doesn't need stone tablets, just an iron will.
Greg Sargent on DiFi--Criticism From Left On Health Care “Doesn’t Move Me One Whit”
Feinstein’s claim that criticism from the left is “not productive” also raises an important question: What does the White House think of the lefty criticism? Do White House advisers agree with Feinstein, and want the liberal groups to muzzle themselves, or are they tacitly happy about it?

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