Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Murray comes out against potential student loan rate increase" (with video) with video (02:19):
A fight over student loan interest rates came to the University of Washington on Friday, as outraged students spoke to Washington Sen. Patty Murray about a plan that could soon double their interest rates. As if rising tuition costs weren't enough to frustrate college students and their families, now the interest rates on the loans they use to pay for that education could soon drastically increase. Unless congress takes action, the rates will double on July 1. UW sophomore Kika Kaui said she'll owe $40,000 by the time she graduates. "$40,000 is crushing my peers and myself," she said. "When we add interest rates, we're not just paying for education. We have to pay for fear, anxiety for our own futures." Half of all UW students use loans to pay for tuition. MORE...

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