Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Joan Walsh: "Wisconsin, Obama and the Democrats future"

Joan Walsh (Salon):
I got the most criticism from people who think the left must band together behind Obama, but I also got some from folks who think I'm too easy on the president. Even my friend (and I mean that, he's a friend!) Glenn Greenwald cited me as an example of a progressive who, despite reservations about Obama, was "vowing to support his re-election." I'm in awe of Glenn's record of accuracy; still, that's not exactly what I said (though I admit it's close). Here's what I wrote, emphasis mine tonight:
Barring something horrific, I will support President Obama in 2012. (And I read Glenn Greenwald daily, so I know there's a digest of fairly horrific things taking place in the realm of civil liberties, on top of the regular cave-ins to corporate America.) I have explained before: I think a primary race would be distracting and destructive to progressive politics. It would tear the Democratic Party apart in ways that would make that unpleasant 2008 bickering look like a love-in. As the great Michael Harrington used to say, when it comes to electoral politics, I stand on "the left wing of the possible," and that's about where I believe Obama is. So I expect to stand with Obama next year. MORE...

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