Wednesday, April 03, 2013

WA: "Washington’s tax code is so full of holes it’s a doily"

Jonathan Martin (Seattle Times, op-ed):
Gov. Jay Inslee took off in the summer-in-spring sun last weekend for a long ride to Centralia on his vintage Cinelli road bike. It probably was a good time to be out of town. His $1.2 billion education funding plan released last week makes him, by design, a political target. As he explained in the governor’s office this week, he intended to have “cleared space for legislators” to find a viable path toward more education funding. “They now have $1.2 billion of room to maneuver,” said Inslee. “I think leadership does involve getting out ahead of the curve on occasion, and that may be where we are. It’s the proper role for a governor.” To borrow a baseball metaphor, Inslee deserves credit for framing the strike zone. MORE...

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