Tuesday, August 30, 2005

''The Acoustics of a Ditch Empowers Americans to Question the War''

"On August 6, just after the Veterans for Peace conference in Dallas, Cindy Sheehan and a handful of veterans camped out in a ditch alongside of a road outside of President Bush's ranch in Crawford, TX. They came unprepared in an unplanned protest – their only light was a flashlight – their only place to go to the bathroom was a bucket. They slept in ant-filled ditches in one hundred degree heat and when it rained their tents and sleeping bags got soaked. Their simple request to the president – meet with us to explain the reason for the Iraq war. When we visited her 21 days later there were approximately 3,500 people joining her vigil and 1,000 pro-war demonstrators trying to counter her. Her camp had been moved next to the entrance of the president's ranch – thanks to a neighbor who believes in free speech under a tent large enough for 2,000 people. Finally, a much-needed conversation was taking place in America: Should the U.S. have invaded in Iraq? Should we stay in Iraq? How does the United States end the Iraq occupation responsibly and get our troops home quickly?"-from the post by Kevin Zeese on LewRockwell.com.

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