Sunday, August 21, 2005


"Regarding the condition of Cindy Sheehan's mother, there is guarded optimism. At this point, it seems that the stroke may not be as serious as was feared. Cindy is hoping to return on Sunday, but nothing is definite.

The original Camp Casey is not going to be dismantled. The Vets and certain other supporters are planning to remain in that location. Families, especially families with children will spend much of their time at the new camp that is in a field rather than in a ditch. Much emotion has been invested in the first Camp Casey, and many do not want to leave. A support group has been established there, and the same is expected to happen at the new camp.

Camp coordinator Ann Wright said, regarding the new location, "President Bush can't leave his ranch without passing one of the camps on the way out." Wright was in the military for 29 years and in the Foreign Service for another 16.

There are still unconfirmed rumors of the Sunday arrival of Joan Baez and other well-known actors and performers both tonight and Sunday. These celebrities who will be entertaining the Sheehan supporters do not want publicity, are giving their time to show their support and are there in solidarity. The general public is not encouraged to attend the entertainment portion of the weekend's events. It is believed that Steve Earl will perform tonight and possibly James McMurtry, either tonight or at some time on Sunday."-from The Lone Star Iconoclast's coverage, with photos.

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