Tuesday, December 26, 2006

"I’m Tom Vilsack! Who the Hell Are You?"

Rolling Stone:
If you know Tom Vilsack’s name at all, you’re either a farm-state politics junkie, or a fan of the Daily Show, which has seared the appellation of the two-term Iowa governor into the minds of America’s youth by tweaking the Aflac duck call into…Vilsack!

Though his name may be the butt of jokes, don’t you dare question his qualifications, or worse yet, suggest he’s another Kucinich candidate. He doesn’t like that. And though he has nothing but praise for Hillary Clinton, he’ll also bristle if you wonder aloud whether he’s running to help take Iowa off the table for his friend on the Democratic Leadership Council.
Howie question: Hillary stand-in or legitimate candidate? You decide.

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