Friday, December 22, 2006


Joseph A. Palermo:
Before George W. Bush causes more damage to the world by escalating the war in Iraq, or bombing Iran, or unleashing Israel in another short-sighted attack on one of its neighbors, we must impeach him and remove him from office. There has never been a man so undeserving of power who has been given so much of it. Bush might even hold messianic fantasies about the all-powerful post that happenstance has given him; hence, he sleepwalks through history. We are now entering the most dangerous time of the Bush presidency. He has nothing to lose. His "legacy," as Eric Foner recently noted, is that he is the worst president in American history. The world is too perilous, and the technology too lethal to allow George Walker Bush to remain the President. We must impeach him and remove him from office before it is too late.

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isabelita said...

People keep saying Bush needs to go, but Cheney and others behind the scene must go as well. Bush is just a mouthpiece, I think, always has been. He's perfect for the role, since he's such a sociopath that NOTHING affects him, not one single case of human suffering resulting from this administration's adventuring for profit in the world.
I've thought this all along, and will not veer from it.
Absolutely bloodcurdlingly appalling, this bunch in D.C.