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"Not Only Fired Up for CHANGE, but raised 32M in January, alone!!!"

icebergslim's diary on Kos (with video):
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A friend sent me a link of the late, great Senator Pat Moynihan's widow endorsing, Obama.

I must admit, I was surprised. Just as I have been surprised with Caroline Kennedy's endorsement, and her actively stumping for Barack Obama.

But what got me about Elizabeth B. Moynihan's endorsment was this:

I know he would have become excited, as I have, to see Barack Obama rekindle hope in our young as he encourages them to participate in the political process, and I know Pat would approve, applaud and encourage me to join Caroline Kennedy in supporting Barack Obama’s candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president of the United States.

There is sheer excitement for Barack Obama. Every state he goes to, thousands just appear, as we have seen this week from Kansas, Kansas City, Denver, Phoenix, Birmingham, Atlanta, this is real.

Another thing that caught me was this from Mrs. Moynihan:

Mrs. Moynihan said she was inspired by an Op-Ed piece by Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of President John F. Kennedy, published on Sunday in The New York Times, and was also dismayed by the hostility Bill and Hillary Clinton have shown recently to Mr. Obama’s candidacy.

That dismay and resentment of the Clintons are real. Many who I know socially, through work, family members not following the primary race but picked up on the Clinton hostility in South Carolina, openly stated they don't like it.

Why should anyone like it? After South Carolina, who want to repeat that story? But it just makes you think, do we want or need another Clinton Administration? All those negative things, brought us back to what we had to deal with and witness under Bill Clinton, and it was not pretty.

That is why hope and optimism is important. Why? It gets folks, fired up and ready to go, for a purpose. It brings new voters out and those who are disenfranchised back in. It makes Independents swing our way, with some Republicans following, too. Why would anyone not want this for the Democratic Party? We all know that Barack Obama is bringing this steam and folks are responding.

What The Clintons tried to do in South Carolina was snuff out the possibility of hope and optimisim, for their own gain. But what they found out was that it is was rebuked, soundly and that Democratic establishment started to line up behind Barack Obama. Senator Ted Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy stuck a knife in The Clintons, by backing Barack Obama. Now they have to sit, watch and take it.

There is nothing wrong with fair game on one's record. It is total fair game. But the tactics of the Clintons sunk so low, they now are wondering if the voters will quietly, forcefully and soundly send a message. That is a vote for Obama.

Lastly, want to know how fired up Obama has been to the public? He raised 32M in January alone and plans to advertise, in states after February 5th. This is real.

Obama is advertising in all but two of the Feb. 5 states and plans to begin advertising in states with upcoming contests, including Louisiana, Washington, Nebraska, Maine, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Campaign manager David Plouffe said the campaign attracted 170,000 new donors for a total of 650,000 donors overall.

Backlash, indeed.....



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Howie P.S.: Thanks to icebergslim for cross-posting the "Fired Up, Ready to Go" video here that was made in Seattle!

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