Monday, April 20, 2009

"Feingold Wants Policymakers Prosecuted" (with video)

Marc Ambinder:
From an interview with the editorial board of the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter in Manitowoc, WI, Sen. Russ Feingold:
"I understand that the president believes that the people who actually administered these tactics should be immune. I'm not sure about that. I understand that they have a greater argument than those who created the policies. But those who created these legal theories, knowing full well that there was not a reasonable argument, I'm not so sure they shouldn't be accountable. I don't see how we as a country say oh fine we knew this was against international law, we knew it was against our own laws, and these people can come up with any phony legal opinion they want. I've read these opinions because I'm on the intelligence committee and had access to them much earlier than the public. These arguments are bogus.."

Howie P.S.: The full video of the interview is at the Manitowoc Herald Times.

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