Friday, May 07, 2010

Connelly: "Will Gulf of Mexico spill cap oil drilling?"

Joel Connelly (
Was it a dream or did I hear, on National Public Radio, Big Oil's best friend in Congress take BP to task for its "attention to safety, the attention to maintenance and the attention to using the best available control technology?"

Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, was chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee in 2006 when House leaders attempted to ram through refinery legislation that contained a clause to repeal tanker size limits and safeguards on Puget Sound.

He was one of the believers when British Petroleum changed its name and told us that BP stood for "Beyond Petroleum."

In a variation of that timeless nugget of wisdom -- there's nothing like a hanging in the morning to focus the mind -- it takes an oil spill disaster to focus public attention on environmental dangers.MORE
Howie P.S.: As I have opined previously, drilling won't cease until we invest in creating alternative energy sources that are price competitive with oil and coal. Joel's final question,
"Isn't it time for a time-out, or a turn in direction?"
does have an obvious answer.

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