Saturday, May 08, 2010

Sable: "Oops We Did It Again: SPD Caught Beating Man In Video" (with video)

Sable Verity, with videos:
It was just last week that I brought you an exclusive interview with Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes, a name synonymous with police brutality.

In 2005 he was savagely beaten by members of the Seattle Police Department…for doing absolutely nothing.

We only ever found out about Maikoiyo’s story because video existed that captured a sliver of what happened to him. It was the video that brought an end to his criminal trial. It was the video.

Without it…who knows.

It’s nearly impossible to count how many times police brutality happens because 99% of the time the stories never come to light.

Now five years after Maikoiyo’s beating was captured on tape, comes another- this time by a freelance journalist.
Howie P.S.: READ MORE, including video of Shandy Cobane, one of the officers involved in the most recently discovered incident.

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