Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Danny Westneat (Seattle Times): "Companies enjoying tax breaks should 'give three' percent back"

Danny Westneat (Seattle Times, op-ed):
The state workers' union meant to be combative. But last week, in throwing down the political equivalent of a schoolyard taunt, I think they hit on an idea with legs.

The backdrop was our grim-reaper governor, once again at the mike to say she must throw poor people off health insurance, jam the public-school classrooms with 30-plus kids in each and gut the universities.

I have no choice, she kept saying. My pocketbook is empty.

Both Democrats and Republicans nodded gravely and then dipped into their stock of times-are-tough clichés. We've looked under every rock. It's all on the table. Nobody is spared the pain.

Bull, said the union. MORE...

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