Thursday, November 03, 2011

Seattle Television Stations Cover Occupy Seattle, Jaime Dimon Protests (with videos)

"6 arrested and pepper spray deployed in Occupy Seattle protests"(KING 5 News), with video (02:04):
Bottles were thrown, more pepper spray was deployed and police put on riot gear Wednesday night as Seattle police and Occupy Seattle protesters clashed outside the downtown Sheraton Hotel.

This comes on the heels of arrests made at a Chase bank branch in Capitol Hill and the CEO of JP Morgan Chase speaking at a UW Business school celebration at the downtown Sheraton Hotel. MORE...

"Angry Occupy Seattle protesters block roads, square off with police" (, video (01:38)

James Lynch, KPCQ with video (02:00):
From their old haunt at Westlake Park the group Occupy Seattle made its way to the Sheraton hotel, marching down the middle of the street while dodging oncoming traffic.

“I'm here because the gap between the rich and the poor keeps increasing and increasing and there's no solution on the table by our leaders, so we as citizens of America feel we have to step up,” said one protester. MORE...

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