Monday, December 12, 2011

Goldy: "Occupy Protesters Barricade Klickitat SW & SW Spokane, Police Respond with Stun Grenades, Pepper Spray, and Horses"

Goldy SLOG):
Calling in from a scene he describes as straight out of Mad Max, Eli reports that Occupy protesters dragged pallets, wood, and other debris out of a junkyard at the port facility, and into the street to erect a barricade in the middle of the intersection of Kickitat SW & SW Spokane. Protesters held their ground, and shutting down traffic for about 40 minutes, before police came in with stun grenades, pepper spray, and horses to clear them out.

Following several loud bangs that appeared to be stun grenades, the air became thick with acrid smoke that burned your throat, Eli reports, as police went in to arrest protesters and remove the barricades. Traffic is now moving again.

Eli spoke with Sean Karnes, 30, of Seattle, a student at ITT Tech, and a retired Coast Guard veteran, whose eyes were swollen shut, presumably from pepper spray. "The guy fucking slammed against me with his bike," Karnes tells Eli regarding his encounter with the police. "I got punched three or four times." MORE...

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