Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Sen. Patty Murray: More Women In Congress Could Get Debt Deal Done"

Amy Tennery (The Jane Dough):

Senator Patty Murray on the failed supercommittee — and why she thinks the debt crisis could have been helped if more women were in Congress: “We need diversity in the Senate, and we need people who come to the job who really want to make a difference for their country. And when I look out across the country, I see women who understand that… You want the practical answer to why we would get things done? Because we are multi-taskers: We have to pick up the kids and get dinner and, you know, help with the homework and get things done, and we don’t mess around. And so we come into politics the same way: We have a task, it’s hard, but we make decisions, and we get things done.”

Murray, who was quoted by the Tri-City Herald, has worked to recruit female senate candidates in several states.

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