Friday, January 13, 2012

Joan Walsh on "Obama family values" (with video)

Joan Walsh (Salon):
In the end, though, the book made me an angry white woman. Reading about the many ways the Obamas strive to be good parents and partners, as well as president and First Lady, I found it even more disturbing that they’re treated so poorly, and depicted as so terribly “other,” by so many on the right. They are everything the right purports to believe in: The products of families who struggled to do right by them; people who studied and worked hard and played by the rules; good citizens and seemingly great parents. Even Michelle Obama’s own First Lady project, childhood obesity, focuses less on government than on how children and families can take responsibility and improve their own health. It’s what Republicans preach.

I’m not sure this is what she intended either, but Kantor’s book makes many of the president’s opponents seem like racist hypocrites. MORE...
Howie P.S.: Want more on this? Here's "Soledad O’Brien Hammers Jodi Kantor Over Her Controversial Book On The Obamas" with videos from CNN.

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