Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SOTU Roundup (with video)

SOTU Highlights, HuffPo,video (07:37).

The White House Blog has the full video, the text and "Enhanced Slides."
President Obama just did exactly what hundreds of thousands of us been calling on him to do—he announced an investigation into Wall Street. This is a very big victory and it shows what we can do together.
"5 things not in the State of the Union."(Josh Gerstein-(Politico).
John Nichols (The Nation):
Speaking on the very day that the Bain Capitaliist released tax returns that showed he paid taxes at a dramatically lower rate than most Americans—under 14 percent, as compared with 35 percent rate paid by many working Americans —Obama focused on the need to reform tax policy in order to extract a fairer fraction from the rich.

“You can call this class warfare all you want,” Obama declared, in the night's takeaway line. “But asking a billionaire to pay at least as much as his secretary in taxes? Most Americans would call that common sense.” MORE...
Michael Moore (on Twitter):
Let's give him an A- on this one. He lost points for saying that the IraqWar has made us "safer" & "more respected" around the world. Um, no. AND
A great, great close! Outta the park! Please now, President Obama, go do it! Dammit, just do it.
Chris Hayes (on Twitter):
More than a little disturbed by the notion that the US military should be institutional model for the rest of society.
Democracy Now!-video (14:10):
"He Says One Thing And Does Another"-Ralph Nader Reviews Obama's State of the Union Speech.
"Statement on State of the Union" (Bernie Sanders).

"In speech, Obama sets reelection narrative" (Greg Sargent).

"State of the Union poll: Most Republican voters approve of Obama agenda" (Stephen Webster-Raw Story).

"Obama’s State of the Union speech: Confrontation wrapped in Kumbaya" (John Aravosis-AMERICAblog).

Greg Sargent: "Obama’s SOTU speech reveals his reelection challenge."
Who will swing voters ultimately blame for Obama’s failure to triumph over determined GOP obstructionism? Respected Dem pollster Stan Greenberg convened a dial session during last night’s speech with some 50 Colorado swing voters, and their responses captured Obama’s reelection challenge in a nutshell. MORE...
Obama: "People Making Over $1 Million Should Pay At Least 30% In Taxes" (Sahil Kapur-TPM).

"Obama's State Of The Union Address: Everybody Must Play By The Same Rules" (Jennifer Bendery-HuffPo):
President Barack Obama used Tuesday's State of the Union address to lay out a vision of America in which everybody gets a fair shot at economic success and everybody -- including the wealthy -- plays by the same rules as the average citizen. MORE...

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