Saturday, March 03, 2012

John Nichols: "Feingold offers a global vision rooted in Wisconsin values"

John Nichols (The Cap Times-WI):

Nothing about Russ Feingold's just-published book, "While America Sleeps," will diminish the belief of Wisconsinites — or the tens of millions of Americans who are cheering on Wisconsin's struggle to restore protections for working people and democratic rights — that the former senator should be the Democratic candidate in the coming election to recall and remove reactionary Gov. Scott Walker.

In fact, this book about foreign policy is so infused with regard for Wisconsin values and traditions that it reads in many ways as an homage to the state and its contribution to the national discourse.

Yet, Feingold is not positioning himself for a gubernatorial run. In fact, he has said again and again that he does not intend to run for any office in 2012 — passing up opportunities to run not just for governor but for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by his longtime colleague Herb Kohl. MORE...

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