Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Joel Connelly: "Can Obama re-connect again? Thursday will help tell the story."

"President Obama departs Boeing Field after his latest Puget Sound fundraising foray. He did two posh events, spent the night in Bellevue, and held no public events. The rock star of 2008 has turned into a surprisingly aloof president."
Joel Connelly (SeattlePI):
The speech Thursday in Charlotte must reignite enthusiasm among low-turnout groups that voted big for Obama in 2008 -- young people, working women, minority and low-income voters. The Obama campaign seems to get it: "Over and over, they made the point: 'You are Barack Obama. Obama can't win without you'," Andrew Villeneuve, a 25-year-old Democratic Convention delegate from Redmond, said Monday after a youth council meeting of the Democratic National Committee. MORE...

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