Wednesday, April 17, 2013

(Updated) WA: "4/13/13-Auctioning off an assault rifle to raise money?" (with video)

UPDATE: Natasha Chart has come up with the word to describe this: "Gunsturbating.'

E-mail from Jaxon Ravens (Executive Director-Washington State Democrats) with video (00:18):
I guess we know how the Washington State Republican Party feels about gun violence. This weekend at their annual Gala Auction and Dinner, the Washington State Republicans actually auctioned off an AR-15 style assault rifle. This is the same type of killing machine used in Newtown, CT and Aurora, CO. 1 2 Republicans wonder why they have trouble connecting with suburban, independent, and moderate voters. They wonder why they haven’t sat in the governor’s office since 1985. It’s because of actions like this. This is nothing less than a slap in the face to all Washington families who fear gun violence. Click here send the message to the Washington State Republican Party: Washington voters support common-sense steps to reduce gun violence. It is more important than ever that we hear your voice on gun violence. The United State Senate will vote today on legislation calling for expanded background checks. Even though 90 percent of Americans support expanded background checks, the bill faces an uphill battle. 3 4 Gun control has also faced obstacles on the state level. Expanded background checks failed to pass out of the Washington State House in Olympia this session. 5 But gun control advocates aren’t giving up. They are gearing up for an initiative on background checks that may appear on the ballot in 2014. We need to start building momentum now. 6 The Washington State Democratic Party stands by common-sense steps to reduce gun violence, like expanded background checks. Click here and join us today. Thank you,
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