Sunday, April 07, 2013

WA: "Medical question mark for state’s pot market"

 "In Washington’s marijuana policy hothouse, where views are balkanized, pot advocates are divided about what — if anything — needs to be done about medical weed."

 Bob Young (Seattle Times):
In a nondescript Seattle building, with a strip-mall Starbucks across the street, dozens of marijuana plants sway under electric fans in 79.5-degree warmth, their limbering, strength-building version of hot yoga. To some this is a garden of Eden, full of healing plants that will be sold in the medical-marijuana dispensary out front. To others in the strange new world of regulated, taxed recreational pot, medical marijuana has become a threat, a rival dealer, an enemy of the state. The state’s pot consultant, Mark Kleiman, says competition from medical marijuana could easily undercut the recreational system the state is trying to create, siphoning away millions in potential taxes. MORE...

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