Saturday, December 10, 2005

''Chairman Dean Speaks For Me On the War In Iraq''

"If according to Harry Reid, Dean is not setting the message for the Democratic Party...

Then why are his truthful words about the war in Iraq ruffling so many feathers? Personally, I wish he could set the message about this. At least we would then have someone who speaks his mind in there, and who tells it like it is. And "immediate withdrawal" to me is not defined in that every troop just picks up their knapsack and makes a run for it. It is absolutely SHAMEFUL how the Democratic Party is once again allowing the Republicans to define these terms and set the tone when they should be out there explaining what this means.

To me it means you start drawing down numbers NOW ( hence, "immediate") so that within at least three to six months you have the majority of these troops home, and just have a small contingent there to work with humanitarian workers and aid the people. They then are handed the keys to their country to run it perfect or not, and our representatives then get down to taking care of the AMERICAN peoples's business and OUR security, damn it.

Is that also why Dean got the DNC Chairmanship? To box him in and shut him up, and to USE his tremendous grassroots support to fund these phony asses who go the way the wind blows instead of telling the truth? Howard Dean is not someone I have always backed regarding remarks he has made in the past either. However, on this war, HE IS ABSOLUTLELY F**** RIGHT, and I for one think that this Party is going the way of the jackbooters of the Republican Party with this "let's put a muzzle on Dean" crap.

They also only play into the media and the Bush administration's propaganda instead of stating that in the Democratic Party all opinions are welcomed. Is that not the BIG TENT so many continue to talk about? Or is that tent only reserved for those who tout the Party rhetoric just to win, instead of truly having principles?"-excerpted from the diary on Kos by Patriot for Al Gore.

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