Saturday, December 31, 2005

''Greg Rodriguez endorses Mark Hintz''

"Ready, Set, Go! I do support the election of Mark Hintz for Chair of the Washington State Democrats. During my brief campaign this year the overwhelming thing I heard was the need to have a Chair that had a background in the Democratic Party. I could not agree with this more and that is what I ran on. We must elect a Chair that knows what has worked and what hasn't so that the successes can be used and the mistakes fixed. Mark is that person.

I have known Mark for a few years now, and while we have not worked that closely together, I have always respected him as a Party leader. Mark and I have had numerous conversations on the need to improve our infrastructure in the Party especially in terms of technology and communications. Mark has proven these commitments as Chair of the Snohomish County Dems.
Mark understands the Party operations, the functions of the coordinated campaign, the importance of good communication and fundraising and the need to translate our message into Spanish and other languages. This can be shown by the translation and wealth of "Party info" on the Sonohomish County website. Mark also gets the idea of moving this Party forward by addressing the needs and issues of the County and LD organizations outside of the I-5 corridor. As his message gets out I am sure the voting members of the State Committee will see this as well.

Mark has also worked tirelessly in one of the fastest growing swing counties in the State and has worked to elect Democrats in areas where they have not been elected before. At the same time he has run his organization emphasizing the need to give everyone a seat at the table. This is extremely hard in Counties like Snohomish, but he has done it. Maybe it is time to have a Chair without the exclusive influence of King County.

In my eyes, Mark is the best choice to lead this Party forward. Besides, He's straight and has his original last name."-Greg Rodriguez, posting in the comments on Washblog.

I was understanding everything he said up until the last sentence. I guess it's Greg's idea of sarcasm.

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