Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Barack Obama’s “Turn the Page” Speech Wows California Democratic Convention" (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Here's the video, see if you agree with the description below.

California Progress Report:
"We are just one signature away from ending this war" ignites crowd--Departing from his stump speech, Barack Obama had the California Democratic Convention spellbound for 23 minutes as he appeared with State Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero, State Assembly Majority Leader Karen Bass, and San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris and urged them and all Californians to “turn the gage for hope” and to write the next chapter in history. He made reference to the strong women in his life and thanked them for their support. Thanked Steve Westly, the outgoing California State Controller and candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor, who also appeared on the stage, and then delivered his remarks.

True to rock concert form, delegates and observers were sitting in the aisles in front of the stage and many stood at the sides of the stage. He was interrupted frequently with standing ovations, especially when he said "We are just one signature away from ending this war."

As you will see from reading his speech, he introduced himself to those watching inside and out of the convention hall and gave a very personal account of his life before talking about why he is running for President.

Here is a copy of his prepared remarks, although if you get a chance to see the speech (it should be available online and we will include the link when it is available) you need to do so to get the full flavor.

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