Saturday, April 21, 2007

"Bill Moyers on Obama"

snout's diary on Kos:
I'm not sure if this has been diaried yet, but the new 40th anniversary issue of Rolling Stone is out, and it is tremendous. There are great interviews with many of the great voices of our time, among them one of my personal heroes - Bill Moyers.

Of course I'm on record here as a strong supporter of Barack Obama, so I was happy to see Moyers weigh in on him. While many here at Dkos seem to be strongly invested in seeing Obama in negative terms, Moyers seems to see what I see. As a break from all of the tearing down we've been doing here, I thought I'd share some positive words.
Who do you see as a key figure in the time ahead?

I wish I were wise enough to answer that question. Who would have thought that an obscure black preacher from Montgomery, Alabama would become Martin Luther King? I believe that elites have to let go. Hillary Clinton would make a good president, but the same old crowd would come back with her. But when I look at Barack Obama, I think about John F. Kennedy, who leaped over Hubert Humphrey's generation to bring in fresh voices and fresh ideas. I keep thinking that we need to let that happen again. People say, "Obama is so inexperienced." No, he's as experienced as Lincoln was when Lincoln went into the White House. Lincoln had two years in Congress and eight years in the state legislature. Obama represents a generational metaphor. He opens up new gates so that younger people can feel that there's opportunity for them, that they can come in with him and create new possibilities. That's what's important. I've been around a long time in journalism and politics, and I come down to "Put not your trust in princes, they will disappoint you every time."
Anyhow - I offer this diary in a positive spirit. Whether you support Obama or not, can we take a moment to appreciate what an asset he is to our party?

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