Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"Edwards Blasts House Compromise"

MSNBC (Mark Murray):
As we mentioned earlier today, House Democrats are proposing legislation that would give the president half of the Iraq money he wants, with conditions on receiving the rest. Well, John Edwards -- who has been critical of past compromise efforts and also of Clinton's recent proposal to de-authorize the Iraq war -- isn't a fan.

“This is not a compromise; it is a concession," he says in a statement. "This proposal may not give George Bush all the money he wants, but it gives him all the money he needs to continue his surge and keep the war going... Enough is enough. We don't need to wait and see how the surge is going to do; we know the surge has failed... Congress should not back down to the president's veto. They should pass the same bill they sent him last month, a plan to support our troops, end the war, and bring them home."

Edwards' opposition to this new House proposal is another example of him trying to claim the anti-war mantle, as well as capitalize on the fact that he's no longer in Congress (and no longer has to cast controversial votes).
Howie P.S.:
Today, The Hill also has "Edwards blasts Coulter, comes to Obama’s aid."

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