Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"TC from Barack Obama (!!!)"

Joe's myspace blog:
I just received a phone call from Barack Obama himself.

He expressed his appreciation and we agreed that there is something to be learned by everyone involved at this point. (Frankly, I was a little surprised by the call, and was too nervous to remember any exact quotes)

I assured him that this is just a horrible thing that happened and obviously he wasn't responsible and shouldn't be held responsible. It's his campaign that perhaps mismanaged this whole thing. He of course stands by his campaign, but again. . . much to be learned by all.

I'm sure he has mixed feelings in speaking with me about this, but it was nice of him to call, and quite an honor to finally speak to him!

I guess I have mixed feelings as well, but it was still a great honor.

I urge you all to consider this situation carefully. It'll take time for me to work this out and decide if I will personally continue to support Obama, regardless of how I feel about his campaign's handling of this situation.

It's not right what they did to me and this profile, but it's also wrong to let this change your views of Barack Obama as a candidate.

After all it was Obama that inspired me to do all this.

What a day. I'll keep you posted. . . .

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