Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Obama Delivers Message At Independence Mall" (with video)

CBS3 (PA), with video (02:01):
The Obama campaign believed that the rally at Independence Hall was a defining moment for the senator, not only because of the shear size of the crowd, but also because of the senator's message and where he said it.
Drawing from the historic grounds of Independence Hall Senator Barack Obama reached back to the country's foundation.

"It was over 200 years ago that a group of patriots gathered in this city to do something that no one in the world believed they could do," Senator Obama said.

Senator Obama then catapulted back to the present and laid down his central theme of the evening.

"This election is our chance to declare our independence, to declare our independence from the broken politics of Washington," Obama said.

A crowd of several thousands stretched from Independence Hall to the stage at the Visitor's Center making it one of Obama's biggest rallies ever.

"I thought it was awesome. I just came here from Brooklyn. I got off the bus and came right over," one supporter said.

But with polls indicating the race in Pennsylvania getting tighter, separated by just a few points, depending on the poll the goal of the Obama campaign was to also change minds.

"He was even better in person than when we've been seeing him on television," one Obama supporter said.

"We're a house divided. I'm a Hillary supporter and I came to hear him and I was very impressed. So now I'm back on the fence," the Obama supporter's wife said.

And Senator Obama will remain in the area campaigning Saturday with stops scheduled in Wynnewood and Paoli.

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