Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Anthony Weiner on "The Politics of the Tax Deal" (video)

MSNBC-The Last Word, video (09:05).

Howie P.S.: Greg Sargent has this post-game analysis:
What you're seeing is the first glimpse of Obama's political strategy for dealing with divided government. Obama will strive for deals with Republicans that require concessions on core liberal priorities, and openly concede unhappiness with those concessions, but argue that the deals he's reaching are the best possible under the circumstances.

Obama will insist that such deals are necessary to keep government functioning on behalf of the American people, casting himself as the middle class's defender-in-chief against partisan brickbats flying from both sides. He'll be Washington's resident adult in a town full of bickering children -- on the right and the left. MORE...
And Joan Walsh says "Party time for Bush and Cheney!" and went on the ED show to talk about it, video (02:09).

AND Bernie Sanders says "I Will Do Whatever I Can" To Block Bush Tax Cut Deal and explains why, with video (03:24). Bernie is pissed off.

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