Tuesday, December 07, 2010

"A liberal revolt over the tax cut deal?"

Adam Serwer:
To riff off a point often made by Jonathan Chait, liberals aren't as ideologically committed to taxing the rich as Republicans are to making sure the rich don't get taxed. The reason most liberals are disappointed about the deal isn't simply because the government isn't soaking the rich. It's because, as Mike Konczal writes, tax cuts for the rich don't significantly stimulate the economy, and because, as Dave Weigel notes, looking back at the president's now meaningless pledges over the past few years, liberals wanted to use the money from the top-tier tax cuts for a progressive domestic agenda. It's a dramatic reversal, but owing to ideological differences between the parties, I'm not sure it will ultimately be as damaging as Larison believes. MORE..
Howie P.S.: One thing you can say for sure: the liberal camp rarely speaks with one voice so the answer to the headline's question is "yes and no."

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