Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Politico: "Kucinich might move left -- to Wash."

UPDATE: Shaun breaks the news:
Make of it what you will…

…but my guess is that Rep. Kucinich's appearance at a fundraiser for my LD Democratic organization has very little to do with speculation about his possible interest in the 1st District Congressional seat and a lot to do with his relationship with our State Senator, Maralyn Chase, one of the most prominent local supporters of his presidential campaigns. MORE...

David Catanese(Politico):
“This is the guy you all see at the State of the Union addresses. He’s always at the same spot, waiting for the president. Dennis Kucinich has a big ego, and he likes the spotlight. He’s been in the state twice and now he’s looking for a place to run for Congress? I would say it’s tremendously unusual,” Pelz said.

This past weekend, Kucinich held a fundraiser in Tacoma, made a stop in Bainbridge Island and led an immigration rally in Seattle, fueling reports he could be testing his appeal.
Washington Rep. Jim McDermott, a liberal congressman from the Seattle area, gave Kucinich his blessing to run in Washington – and noted that he is not a native Washingtonian, either.

“I came from Chicago and now represent Seattle. If Dennis decides to run in Washington, I think it’s fine,” McDermott said. MORE...
Howie P.S.: Congressman Jim, as some may recall, represented Seattle in the Washington State Senate for several terms before he ran for Congress.

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