Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Teapot Party Backs Roger Goodman for Congress in 2012"

The Teapot Party's latest endorsement is in behalf of Washington State Rep. Roger Goodman, who's running for the 8th Congressional District seat currently occupied by two-term Republican incumbent Dave Reichert.

State Rep. Roger GoodmanGoodman has been in office (45th District in Kirkland) since 2006, during which time he co-sponsored HB 1550, It would allow the Liquor Control Board to regulate the production, distribution and sale of marijuana, and calls for a 15% tax per gram. Unfortunately, the bill recently didn't make it out of committee.

"Thanks so much Willie Nelson and the Teapot Party for your thoughtful endorsement of my run for Congress," Goodman states. "You and I both know that marijuana prohibition has been one of the most corrosive public policies in America for generations and we can wait no longer for repeal. I've been working aggressively for over a decade as a reformer to promote a responsible exit strategy for the failed War on Drugs. In the state legislature, I've been proud to spur further reform as the principal co-author of the marijuana legalization bills for the last two sessions. I know we are making progress, but we have a long way to go. Now is the time for us to step it up to the highest level where I will work just as aggressively to remove federal barriers to rational marijuana reform across the states. Thanks again or your support. We're all in this fight together!"

Goodman hopes to win the Democratic primary on Nov. 8. The Congressional election is in 2012. Visit Roger Goodman for Congress here. Goodman is the sixth candidate endorsed by the TPP. The others are Kris Bailey (for Austin City Council), Gatewood Galbraith (governor of Kentucky), Bill Levin (Indianapolis City Council), Doug Linkhart (mayor of Denver) and Dana Larsen (leader of British Columbia's New Democratic Party).
Howie P.S.: I'm not sure about that "Democratic primary on Nov. 8" date. Can anybody confirm for us?

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