Sunday, October 09, 2011

"Occupy Seattle protesters clear out of 4th and Pike intersection" (with video)

Jake Riddell (Q13 FOX News), with video (03:06):
The peaceful Occupy Seattle demonstrations on the sidewalks of downtown Seattle tilted on the edge of civil disobedience at the intersection of Fourth and Pike, Saturday.

The protesters occupied the intersection then held a general assembly – basically taking a vote in the middle of the street to decide whether they would stay or move back to Westlake Park.

“I’m ready to be arrested for this country’s future,” said Kelsie McGraw-Stahl, a protester.

After a show of hands, the group decided to move out of the street after close to an hour blocking traffic through downtown. But there were some stragglers – two people were arrested, one of them carried into a prisoner transport vehicle.

But overall, the protests were peaceful. The only person arrested before the traffic blockage was a man who shot a police officer with a squirt gun.

Many labor union members joined the protest as well. MORE...
Howie P.S.: Now that you've seen some of the mainstream coverage, here's how SLOG covered yesterday's events from their "Westlake Bureau":

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