Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ari Melber: "The Terrible, True Insight of 'House of Cards': Bad People Run D.C."

Ari Melber (The Atlantic):
Money and partisanship matter less in politics than the thirst for power. Netflix's new drama gets that, even if Hollywood often doesn't.
Los Angeles only has three stories to tell about Washington, and House of Cards has picked the most intriguing one. The first story is about money. It's the classic story of Washington as a city for sale. The premise is not only true, but superlatively so, after the most expensive election cycle in history. Yet a financial critique is also convenient for the studios, because it drains politics of most ideological baggage. Take The Campaign, an election-year comedy that grossed $103 million without saying anything about either political party. Its criticisms were confined to campaign spending in the Citizens United era; every other 2012 controversy was so carefully spared, Warner Bros. could have run a disclaimer stating no sacred cows were harmed in the production. MORE...

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