Monday, February 11, 2013

Seattle: "How high is too high? KIRO tests pot-smoking drivers to find out" (with video)

KIRO 7 with video (07:01):
In a test that’s never before been done in Washington, KIRO 7 Eyewitness News had volunteers smoke marijuana and then put them behind the wheel to show what stoned driving looks like and the danger on the road.

To find out how much marijuana is too much to get behind to wheel, KIRO set up a driving course.

KIRO also recruited drug recognition expert Casey Lee and had marijuana for the volunteers.

“This strain is actually called blueberry train wreck,” said Lee.

As a consultant prepared the marijuana smoking lab, three volunteers each took a practice run on a course set up by the Thurston County Sheriff's Office that was designed to test their basic driving skills.

 In the car with them was Cascade Driving School instructor Mike Jackson, who had a brake on his side of the vehicle for safety.

“I can either grab the wheel or touch the brake and bring them to a safe stop,” said Jackson.

The first volunteer, Addy Norton, is a 27-year-old medical marijuana patient and heavy daily marijuana user who smoked pot before arriving at the test site.

Want to see more of this story than what was in our newscast?  Watch this video with additional footage.

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