Monday, February 18, 2013

Seattle: "The Messy Reality of Legal Pot"

The Messy Reality of Legal Pot
DEPARTMENT OF PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT-POT STORES "The yellow zones, mostly in industrial areas south of downtown, show where retail marijuana outlets would be allowed under I-502 (the blue zones show where medical marijuana co-ops are allowed under other regulations). While the densest neighborhoods—like Belltown and Capitol Hill—have zero yellow zones, the remaining few pockets in residential areas could become tiny marijuana districts."

Dominic Holden (The Stranger):
The Mayor Courts Pot Entrepreneurs, the Governor Fends Off the Feds, and There's Still Almost Nowhere to Open a Pot Shop in Seattle---Last November, 1.7 million people in Washington State opened their ballots and voted yes on Initiative 502, effectively legalizing marijuana. In the past month, all those individual votes have snowballed into big money, logistical puzzles, and laudable official action as Governor Jay Inslee, state attorney general Bob Ferguson, and the state liquor control board are barreling ahead to create America's first fully regulated pot market.MORE...

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