Wednesday, March 06, 2013

"Police reforms mired in mayor, city attorney power struggle" (with video)

Luke Ducey, with video (03:21)from KOMO-TV via
Pressure is building among two powerful city leaders and the man tasked with overseeing changes to the Police Department. It all stems from Merrick Bobb's plan for Seattle police officers, which was released on Tuesday. Bobb was appointed by the federal government to make sure SPD implements a slew of reforms put forth after a Department of Justice investigation found officers using excessive force. In Bobb's report, which was filed on Tuesday, he details plans to change the way the department defines, reports, investigates and reviews use-of-force claims against officers. What's yet to be determined is whether any city leaders will agree with Bobb's plan. Bobb, Mayor Mike McGinn and City Attorney Pete Holmes have been bickering back and forth about the changes for some time. MORE...

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