Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WA: "What we want from new marijuana rules" (with photo gallery)

Facing the daunting task of establishing a legal market for marijuana, the Washington State Liquor Control Board has sought help from residents to create the rules and regulations to control the market and supply the marijuana.
Specifically, the board has to first set up the rules for the “marijuana producer” license created by I-502. The comment period for this stage of implementing the initiative will continue until the first draft is done, sometime this spring.
The state plans several more rounds of public hearings and comment periods when the rules for producers as well as retailers are in draft form.
The board conducted public hearings in towns and cities around the state and also asked residents to submit their ideas in writing. We received a copy of the hundreds of written submission through a public record request and sifted out the ones we thought best represented the themes and tone of those letters.
In the gallery above (@the link),you’ll find our estimation of what were the highest concerns and most common suggestions as well as a few surprises. MORE...

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