Sunday, March 17, 2013

WA: "Background checks on gun buyers: Only by initiative — legislators"

                                                            Rep. Ross Hunter  

Joel Connelly (
REDMOND — The state Senate has moved to protect parking spaces for the charging of electric cars, but a statewide initiative will be needed to force criminal background checks on those purchasing firearms at gun shows or in private sales, a crowd at Redmond City Hall learned Saturday from 48th District legislators. “I am not a fan of initiatives, (but) this may be something that needs to happen that way,” said influential State Rep. Ross Hunter, D-48. The packed house was because of the appearance of renegade Democratic state Sen. Rodney Tom, who has combined with the upper chamber’s Republicans to form a conservative coalition. But it was in the Democratic-run House that legislation requiring background checks for gun purchasers died last week, even as the Colorado Legislature gave approval to a similar bill. “We had a major disappointment in the House Wednesday when we tried a pretty reasonable approach on background checks,” said Hunter. The measure ended up two votes short of the 50 needed for passage: There are 54 Democrats in the House. MORE...

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