Friday, January 11, 2013

"Mike McGinn Is Running for Reelection"

Dominic Holden (The Stranger):
But for Ben Schiendelman, who runs the advocacy group Seattle Subway, there's no one else speaking to those transportation interests better than the current mayor. "Basically, he's been effective in quiet ways, and he's getting more effective as time goes on," Schiendelman explained. "I think if we want more sidewalks, more bicycle lanes, and more Sound Transit in 2016, rather than 2020 or later, he's the best person to keep us on track." MORE...
Howie P.S.: Long story short: The Stranger loved him madly last time. This time it's the devil we know is better than the one(s) we don't. But don't take it personally Ed, or Tim, or that real estate guy, even though you may think we think you are chopped liver. Personally, I'll take some of the chopped liver, Dominic (and Mr. Savage). My favorite line:
"effective in quiet ways."
I recommend it for his campaign slogan. We need a little more humor in our local politics! I may have to buy some bumper stickers for Mike: "effective in quiet ways---so quiet you can't hear him when he is!"

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