Saturday, January 05, 2013

"What They Really Think of Us Subjects of The Stranger's News Coverage Regret the Things We've Said About Them"

Image: LISA DANK “Potstar.”

 The Stranger:
They say that good, fair journalists can have no friends. At least, we think that's why we have no friends. All year long at The Stranger, we build bridges with our sources and then burn them to a cinder. The cops, backers of charter schools, candidates... we've angered them all. For instance, take that time we broke a story about Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna staffer Kathlyn Ehl, who had tweeted "shut up and drive #asians." That embarrassing story went national and she resigned, and now neither McKenna nor Ehl want to be our friends. Or take local anti-gay Catholic archbishop J. Peter Sartain, who we repeatedly called a "bigot"—because he is a bigot. He won't be our friend, either (the asshole bigot). The least we can do is give something back by offering the subjects of our coverage a chance to take swings at us for a change. And who would have guessed? Many of the people we've written about this year were excited to do so (but not McKenna, Ehl, or Archbishop Sartain—who is and always will be remembered as a hateful bigot). MORE...
Howie P.S.: Read "MORE" if you want to hear about the likes of Conlin, Hanauer, Sinderman and Urquhart. I still believe this periodical is the most influential vote-creator around Seattle.

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