Wednesday, January 16, 2013

(Updated) "Obama’s Gun Plan: Sense or Sensibility?" (with video)

UPDATE: Scott Sunde (SeattlePI):
The National Rifle Association has a new ad in the coming gun-control wars. In it, the NRA mans up and takes on President Obama’s children. The ad calls the president an “elitist hypocrite” because he hasn’t come out for armed guards at schools — an NRA proposal — while his daughters are protected by armed guards. The difference — the children of the leader of the Free World, potential terrorism target and on and on — isn’t noted. But then subtle the ad isn’t. MORE...
Amy Davidson (The New Yorker) with video from NRANews (00:36):
Madness in one’s opponents is no excuse for abandoning good sense; it makes it even more imperative to hold onto it as hard as one can. But if it is all one comes with, one risks slipping into a state of defeated self-satisfaction. If the gun conversation is not taking place in the realm of sense, Obama has to figure out how to actively drag it back there. Sense needs to be joined with a sensibility that approaches the passion of the days after the Newtown shooting, when we couldn’t banish the pictures of children running out of the school, who were told to keep their eyes shut so they wouldn’t see the dead. MORE...

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