Wednesday, November 16, 2005

''DNC Kickoff Event: Neighbors Night in Ravenna (Seattle WA)''

"As part of the DNC's 11/15/ National Organizing Kickoff, Bev and Ken hosted 22 neighbors at their "Neighbors Night in Ravenna" houseparty. It was a great group, a mixture of old friends and new. Folks brought fantastic food, so we ate, introduced ourselves, and smoozed/connected while waiting for the conference call from Howard Dean to begin.

Chairman Dean did a good job of mixing serous business with punchy humor. The audience questions were a little too softball for my taste but high marks overall to the call's content. The fact that there was a national grassroots event headed by the DNC Chair was pretty remarkable in and of itself. According to Dean, there were 62 parties in Washington State and over 1000 across the US and even some aboard.

After the call, folks voted to have an issues discussion rather than reviewing the organizing slides provided by the DNC (copies given to attendees). Our discussion was very lively with lots of participation. Now we need to turn this discussion into on-the-ground action!-"-from Bev Marcus. Thanks! The DNC has this PowerPoint presentation about this project. Here are some photos from around the country last night.

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