Monday, November 21, 2005

Pam Eakes at the 36th LD

Last Thursday night, Pam Eakes (Seattle resident, former Howard Dean presidential campaign finance co-chair) was on the panel at the 36th LD's annual auction and fundraiser at the Pacific Science Center. Here are some highlights of her remarks via Lynn at Evergreen Politics, in her post "Thursday Evening at the 36th":

"She said she came across the country to bring a message from Governor Dean to one of his favorite places – Seattle and the state of Washington. He has only been in office 9 months and this was his first challenge. She talked about the national wins and said that Tim Kaine’s victory in Virginia meant that the politics of Karl Rove is toast. His opponent’s attack ads backfired, as did bringing in President Bush to campaign. President Bush put it over the top for the Democrats.

Then she shared a few highlights. Blacks turned out in high numbers, perhaps as a result of Bush’s treatment of blacks in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In New Jersey, Democrats expected to win but not by the numbers that we did. She mentioned the defeat of Schwartznegger’s initiatives in California and then said that her favorite was the defeat of the incumbent mayor in St. Paul, a Democrat who had supported Bush last year.

She also said that the defeat of 912 made national news and that there was a big gender gap in the voting for and against 912. Women really came out against 912. She went on to say that the DNC is optimistic about 2008. At the DNC, Governor Dean has put together a great team and a great program. The DNC is paying for 4 staffers in each state. They are training them, giving them benefits, and consequentially planning to keep them in these roles and to raise the level of professionalism." Update: Bev Marcus wonders what Pam would say if asked whether Al Gore will run in 2008? Pam has worked with Tipper Gore and is from Tennessee.

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