Wednesday, November 16, 2005

''A little more perspective on last Tuesday’s election''

I left the cozy confines of the chair in front of my pc and finally met David Goldstein and a slew of other local bloggers last night. They are an impressive bunch! Here's a tidbit from Goldy today: "Meanwhile, back in King County, Executive Ron Sims continues to stretch his lead over mechanic David Irons. A few days back, our friend Stefan pointed towards Sims’ meager 13 point margin as a hopeful trend, but I wonder how buoyed he feels now that it has grown to nearly 16 points, and Irons’ has dropped below the magic 40 percent mark?

You want perspective? At 39.9 percent of the vote, Irons’ – who had about $800,000 of campaign and independent expenditures on his behalf – polled only 3 points better than HA favorite son Richard Pope did in his last countywide race, spending nary a dime. (Say what you want, but on a cost-per-vote ratio, Richard kicks ass.)

Just a little perspective."-from HorsesAss. Go to Drinking Liberally on a Tuesday night sometime. You'll be glad you did! It was great meeting Carl and Belltowner and Lynn. Joel Connelly from the P-I showed up, too. And Andrew from Pacific NW Portal!

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