Sunday, February 19, 2006

Deceiving Tim Eyman (UPDATED)

Ran into Tim at the airport on my way to paradise (Hawaii) the other day. His wife told me an autograph wouldn't be a problem, "if you can ever get him off the cell phone." I did. I told him my name was "Dave," in tribute to Mr. Horsesass. So when I return to the land of wet and cold, I am eager to present this little souvenir to Goldy.
"Dave--Great to meet you at the airport. (signed) TIM EYMAN, The Initiative Guy."
Then he threw in a plug for his latest caper, a rerun of the "30 Dollar Car Tab." He just couldn't restrain himself, I guess. He was on my flight, and every time we ran into each other again, he dutifully remembered my name, "Dave, which island are you going to?" Very friendly, to a point. Didn't want to blab about taxes with me and another passenger, though.

Update: Actually, I never told him my name was "Dave," I just said to make out the autograph to "Dave." Unfortunately, the dictionary definition of "deceive" is closer than the one for "mislead" for my action. I always feel more comfortable misleading someone, rather than flat out deceiving them. I don't know how these distinctions might play out in any future impeachment proceedings, but I feel some obligation to fully disclose my own actions. I also think a full discussion of these various shades of deception is instructive, nowadays.

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