Friday, February 24, 2006

''Impeach The Bastard Already!''

I'm weary of taking stock of the latest crimes and lies of this president's government. I think the most important thing to focus on is electing Darcy Burner and at least 14 other new Democrats to the House so we can gain a majority there, and go on the attack. Here's a blurb from the post by The (liberal) Girl Next Door that inspired this post and that I first tried to put up while I was on vacation, but couldn't:
"Well, if lying our country into a war isn’t grounds for impeachment, what was the use in hammering away at the lesser crimes of this administration? But hammer away we did and as luck would have it, we were handed another blatant crime in the NSA domestic spying scandal. What luck, two impeachable offenses uncovered in little over a year, and this one didn’t get stuck in the newsrooms, well, sure the New York Times sat on the story for a year, but after they finally let the cat out of the bag, the rest of the MSM picked up the ball and has been running full steam ahead with the story ever since. Surely impeachment is just around the corner, right?

Yes, it is true that the Republicans control the House where articles of impeachment must originate and yes, Congressional Republicans are scared shitless to do anything to piss off Karl Rove and yes, every single talking head on television thinks that impeachment is a non starter and a losing proposition for Democrats, but so what? We have a President who broke the law. It is our duty to impeach him, regardless of what the pundits say."

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